Compil d'avril Festival
La Raffinerie du plan K - Brussels // Belgium - April 2006 -

This proposal joined the intentions of a preceding installation, Rafale, by taking again the topic of the cinema. Frontality, however, is null and void here; the installation allows also an access to the back of the decoration. Set of themes of the cinema, as mass media crystallize a form of fascination and repulsion for the image. Tended fabric installed on tripods as on a rest, Living theater is to some extent a homage to painting. The screen is black: Still life. Dead screen. Black hole. Died. Image. Representation. Company of the spectacle.A vacuum.
But to create a vacuum does not lead to the vacuum. A resonance emanates from it. What interests me is to strip an object of its function to cause a visual phenomenon, an experiment of space that each one can test and use for to feel, one moment, this resonance.

A cycle of 3 minutes and 10 seconds light